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Why Choose Timber Frames For Your Doors And Windows?

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The question of whether to have PVC or timber remains one of the most important questions when replacing doors and windows. While many new properties have PVC frames, for ease and affordability, this may not be your best option. Timber frames, made from high quality and durable hardwood, not only look great, but they offer several other key benefits when compared to their PVC counterparts.

Better Looking

Timber is a natural material. It has a warmer look than the clinical finish of PVC, and because timber frames can be treated and refreshed whenever they need it, your new timber frames can continue to look great for the decades that they are expected to last. PVC may be convenient, and it may be less expensive than high grade hardwood, but it cannot match the great looking finish that wood has to offer.

Greater Range Of Finishes

Timber can be painted, and this means that you can choose from a gamut of colours. In fact, if you fancy a change, you can repaint your doors and windows using a new colour scheme, and this means that you can completely change the look of the outside of your property with minimal cost and effort. Furthermore, because wood can be finished with precision, and it is a workable material, it means that there are many more options when it comes to the design of the frames, the doors, and the windows, too.

Paint Your Frames

Painting wooden frames not only means that you can change their look and choose a new colour whenever you want, but this maintenance is actually a benefit too. PVC cannot be painted, and if there are signs of wear and tear or damage, there is little that you can do about it other than replace them. Replacing windows costs a lot of money, whereas cleaning, preparing, and painting them costs considerably less. Over the lifetime of your windows, timber frames can end up costing you a lot less than PVC windows.

Enjoy A Longer Life

The reduced lifetime cost of timber frames is partially down to the extended life that you can expect to enjoy. Testing has shown that while PVC frames have an approximate lifespan of 30 to 35 years, timber frames should last 60 years or more. There are many timber frame sash windows still going strong even after having been fitted more than 100 years ago.

More Authentic Renovation Opportunities

If you are looking to replace sliding sash windows, or any timber frame window, particularly in a period property, then replacing timber with PVC frames will not give you the authentic look that you are aiming for. To achieve period windows and doors, you need to look at timber frames instead.

Better For The Environment

Many people expect timber frames to be bad for the environment, but the reverse is true. Wood taken from sustainable sources has little impact on the environment, while ethical manufacturing techniques can keep the impact minimal. What’s more, because of the expected lifespan of timber frames and because the wood can be recycled at the end of the useful life of your doors and windows, it means that your door and window choice will have much less impact on the environment than PVC windows, with their shorter lifespan and reduced recycling opportunities.

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