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Can You Mix Traditional and Modern Designer Furniture?

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You might assume that modern and antique furniture should never be seen in the same room, but is this right? Actually, whilst there are general interior design rules there is nothing set in stone. In other words, what works works. Here are some tips for using modern designer furniture with more traditional furniture:

Whilst aesthetically there might be huge differences between contemporary designer furniture and modern furniture, there are a couple of places where these differences can be reconciled. The most obvious of these is colour, and so you should choose different kinds of furniture that works harmoniously in terms of its colour-way.

Whilst some harmony is the aim, contrast can also be a viable interior design tool. To explain, you can create interesting effects by, for example, choosing modern pieces for your bigger items of furniture but using more traditional accessories.  Actually, an overuse of accessories is a common feature of traditional living spaces.

Balance should be one of your aims too. If you room is overwhelmingly traditional in its design just one modern piece may not look right, although this is possible depending on the furniture.

When you’re mixing styles in this way a little extra though goes a long way. You can use the internet for lots of tips, looking at visual examples where the mixture of old and new is made to work.

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