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How Clean Is Your Home?

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How clean is your home? Oh you did some hovering did you? Does that mean you have a clean home? No? Oh you wiped the sides as well? Good for you. With anti-bacterial stuff. Wow. Look at you go. You must have a shiny gleaming palace of a personal residence.

Let me stop you there. Just because it looks clean, doesn’t actually mean it is. Sorry to burst your bubble. The most evil of household nasties are invisible to the naked eye, the rest do well in avoiding your gaze.

If you are squeamish then please stop reading now. Maybe you should go and read something from Perez Hilton’s website, if you don’t want to acknowledge to cold hard truth that your home is a teaming pit of micro-life destined to make you ill!

Our first offender:

Bed bugs!

Bed bugs are one of the most feared of the home nasties: their tenacity is unparalleled. Once these little bastards make their home in your home it is incredibly difficult to get rid of them without raising the building to the ground. They aren’t invisible, but they are good at hiding. They can potentially live in all the little crevasses around your house, a prime example being your bed (duh).

Want some more fun facts? Bed bugs feed exclusively on blood. They prefer to active at night when you’re asleep and more compliant with their feeding habits. Even if you take their food source away they can live for up to a year without eating. Mature females can lay between 1-5 eggs a day, and can live for up to 300 days. Most will produce around 500 eggs in a lifetime.

So be wary of these little blighters. Often they are transported to your home via a hotel stay. Avoid putting your suitcase on a hotel bed, as this is how they can hitchhike with you!

Offender number two:

Household Mould

Ah household mould, a creeping menace that takes hold in your home’s most moist places, such as the bathroom. Visually unappealing and dangerous to your health. I can attest to both of these attributes through personal experience. The dry spores of established mould can cause respiratory problems like a cloud of airborne asbestos.

Mould thrives in damp, humid conditions, which is why you will see it in the bathroom before anywhere else. It should be cleaned as soon as it is noticed to prevent its spread. Steps should be taken to ensure it doesn’t return, such as increasing the ventilation in affected areas.

Aside from respiratory illnesses, mould has been noted as the cause for problems such as skin itchiness, exacerbated asthma and eczema, joint problems, loss of libido, even depression and anxiety!

Don’t let it go unchecked, sort it now as mould is toxic!

If like me your strong suit is not cleaning, hire Exec Cleaners, the best cleaners London has to offer, to make sure your home is a happy, clean and healthy environment.

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