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How To Choose A Portable Air Conditioning Unit

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Choosing a portable air conditioning unit can be tricky. We invited the experts from Breeze Installations, an air conditioning installation and repair business based in Birmingham, to explain how to measure your room so that you get the right air conditioning unit for you. 

Take careful measurements

First of all it is important to measure the square footage of the room in which you are planning to put the portable air conditioning unit. Portable air conditioners all have power ratings that are based on British Thermal Units (BTUs).A larger space will require a portable air conditioner with a higher number of BTUs. Make sure that the unit you buy is powerful enough to cool the room that your want to use the air conditioning in.

Find the distance to the window

image002 (1)Measure the distance from the planned spot for the air conditioner to the nearest window. The problem many people find with portable air conditioner units is that they need a window to work properly. The tube at the rear of the unit vents out hot air out through a hose. You will either need the portable air conditioning unit to be near the window or to have a hose that is long enough to reach from the unit to the window.

Is noise an issue for you?

Some people find noisy air conditioning units a deal breaker. However there is a very easy way to check how noisy the portable air conditioning unit is going to be. Look for a decibel (dB) number on the packaging. To give you a guideline, 60 dB is equivalent to two people talking, so consider whether you can tolerate that amount of noise.

Pick something that is actually portable

The whole point of having portable air conditioning is that it should be extremely portable. Make sure that before purchasing one you lift a few units to see if you can easily move it around. By visiting a DIY store you will be able to examine a few display models which will give you a good idea of weight and size. A portable air conditioning unit equipped with wheels makes it easier to place them where you want them. You still may need to lift it though if you want it to go up and down the stairs.

Check the cost of running it

Cost should be a factor when choosing your portable air conditioning unit. Check the packaging for something called an EER number. This number describes the amount of power use by the unit. The higher the EER number, the more efficient the unit and the lower the costs will be.

Do you need to empty it of water

As an air conditioning unit works, water is a waste product. This water needs to be removed in some way. Some portable air conditioning units have a self-evaporation feature, while others require the owner to empty the reservoir manually. It may be worth consideration if you feel it will be a hassle for you to empty the unit.

If you are looking for an air conditioning system installed in Birmingham or the surrounding Midlands area then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Breeze Installations today.

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