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The Beauty of Timber Bi-Fold Doors

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Bi-fold timber doors are an excellent addition to any home, they instantly improve your property making it look and feel more exclusive. They allow homeowners to connect their external landscape to their internal environment, blending the two areas effortlessly. There are several great reasons to consider installing timber bi-fold doors in your home, this article will discuss a number of them.

2 Becomes 1

Bi-folding doors have a distinct advantage over other products such as standard doors, they can be fully folded back to increase the size of your space. Standard doors can be opened, but they still get in the way and you don’t get the same connection between the two areas as you would with a product such as timber bifold French doors. The moment you open up a bi-folding door and retract the unit backso it is no longer an obstacle, you can create one large room. If you have them installed between your kitchen and dining rooms, you have the option of retracting the doors and opening up the space.

You’ve have a massive amount of versatility, you can decide to have an open plan home one day, or a closed, more private space the next, the choice is up to you. If you are entertaining guests and you’ve kids in the house, you can extend the doors and use them as a temporary barrier or wall. The children can sit in another room watching TV while you speak to your friends in another area. You won’t have to worry as you can still see what they are doing through the glass, unlike a solid structure.

Access to Nature

One of the main reasons why homeowners decide to install timber bi-fold doors is because they provide easy access to the outside world. For example, if you’ve a beautiful garden that sits to the back of your home that can only be accessed through a single door, you don’t really get to enjoy the space properly. If you install bi-fold doors, you’re bringing the outdoors inside. You can use these doors as a wall, creating a free-flowing space between your external environment and your interior property. They also make it a lot easier to entertain guests by improving points of entry.


Timber bi-fold doors are one of the most stylish, exclusive products on the market. Timber doors can be purchased in a wide range of colours and styles, meaning it is easy to find something to compliment your home. If you choose to install an external door, timber also acts as a great medium between the natural outdoor environment and your synthetic indoor setting, it bridges the gap between both spaces.

There are numerous benefits associated with installing timber bi-folding doors in your home. They come in a variety of different styles, making them versatile and easy to integrate into your property. Bi-folding doors are great for opening up your home, allowing you to switch from two single rooms to one large space.

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