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How To Give Older Wood Furniture A Brand New Look

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Most people believe that they cannot use the old furniture they have and will simply throw it away. When thinking about home furniture and décor it is so common not to choose to give that old furniture a brand new, modern look. There are so many different things that can be done. We will actually offer a suggestion that you can so easily take into account with most old furniture out there.

If the items look hopeless, you can still think about reclaiming by simply dissolving cracked surfaces with the use of denatured alcohol. However, it is really important you test the piece and you identify the finish type. There is a shellac finish present on most of the furniture made before the year 1920. As time passes, that shellac becomes darker and has to be removed since cracks appear. A chemical stripper is normally considered but in so many situations the strength is way too high. Since you definitely do not want to damage your furniture, something else is most likely what you have to try first.

The very first thing to start is to strip down surface by simply using newspapers to protect your floor from the drips and the spills. Then, wear rubber gloves and work in areas that are well-ventilated. Remove the doors or drawers as they will have to be refinished separately. Do unscrew knobs, fixtures and the hinges. If needed, they can be refinished too.

Do be sure work will be done on horizontal plane at all times. Use denatured alcohol and pour it all over the work surface. If an area is particularly stubborn, simply apply extra alcohol. You want to wipe off the alcohol and the finish as it dissolved. Just use paper towels for that. Soft brushes are also pretty helpful when you have some tough spots to deal with. Take everything one step at a time. Never work on areas that are too large at the same time.

After you remove the old finish there are many options available and you can end up with something that looks entire different and special at the same time. Just make sure you will use a mild detergent with water so that treated surfaces would be properly cleaned. Restaining the surface is normally a very good idea but make sure all grain is removed before you do that.

A really interesting option that is normally preferred by many is to apply many different layers of special antique oil to wood surface, all based on the indications of the manufacturer. You start with small amounts and add one layer at a time.

You always have to remove old finish before you will fix scratches, loose fixtures or dents. However, repairing the surface too much can make the furniture lose its appeal. Do be sure you find a mix between old and new so you end up with something that is perfect based on the exact décor you want to be faced with. Also, colour choices are very important.

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