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4 Proven Ways To Keep Your Roof Tidy

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Most homeowners rarely have any idea what is happening on their rooftop. Little do they know at their rooftop is a home to uncountable organisms feeding on their rooftop.

Your roof collects all kinds of dirt, dust, and when the rain falls on the roof, you assure yourself the grime has been cleared by the rain.With time, along with the edges of the roofing tiles, green lines appear to shine continuously becoming more visible. Small organisms:

  • Fungus
  • Algae
  • Moss

 However, Roof Cleaning Miami Company is the only one with professionals who have a record of effectively curbing organism growth.

These organisms are very tricky and dangerous than dirt. Actually, dealing with them calls for a holistic approach by professionals to deal with both the organism & the dirt. Below are 4 ways you can ensure your roof stays free from dirt.

1.     Getting Rid Of Organisms (Fungus, Algae, & Moss)

These organisms are very dangerous and stubborn if left to breed on your roof. They survive on your roof by feeding off of your shingles. A thorough combination of non-toxic chemical is the one used at a low pressure to effectively get rid of them from their comfort zone. The whole roof must be combed off completely to ensure not a single piece of an organism is left as they breed again very fast.

Every tile has to be sprayed as algae hide in a way that you cannot spot them, especially if in their early stage of growth.

2.     Never Do It Yourself

The exercise of disinfecting the organisms of the roof is a tricky process. Professionals have chemicals that are very effective, and since they have dealt with these organisms for long period of time, it’s wise to let them do it. Secondly, how they combine those chemicals and their strategy of spraying is all aimed at keeping the organisms out of the roof and making sure the spraying substance does not destroy the tiles.

3.     Clearing The Stains

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Stains left by the organisms arebad for the roof and can be cleared through washing. To avoid shingle damage, all the stain must be completely washed away as roofing with algae stains absorbs heat when hot damaging the shingles from the inside. This is costly and can force you to replace the entire roofing. Pressure machine used by professionals will clear the stains using very effective chemicals that cannot destroy the roofing to ensure they are as new and no iota of stain is left behind.

4.     Future Preventive Measures

When the roof is safe from organisms, preventive measures are necessary to avoid regrowth. The biodegradable chemical is known to ward off the re-appearance of the organisms again. Apart from the chemical application, other factors contributing to algae, moss, & fungus growth are to be considered as well.

  1. Tall trees spreading the branches on the roof are to be trimmed
  2. Getting rid of accumulated debris on the roof
  3. Making sure the gutters are clean from time to time

Professional cleaners are the solution to keep organisms at bay if they come after a period of 6 months or 1 year to check the roof.


The 4 proven ways to keep your roof tidy if followed to the letter, your roof will stay intact for long and clean. A regular check-up is the most effective approach to avoid the roof becoming a breeding ground.

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