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A Guide To Common Sheet Materials

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When it comes to choosing sheet materials for your building project, there are a lot of options to choose from. Each of the different sheet materials available has it’s own unique characteristics and has its strengths and weaknesses. Your timber experts at Richard Williams can help you to choose the right product for your needs.

The right material for your building project will depend on your budget, needs and the type of structure you are building. So, let’s take a look at the common types of sheet materials.

MDF Veneers

MDF with a veneer is designed for projects where only the the best materials will do. This type of veneered MDF is a great alternative to solid wood and it is often used for panel mouldings, kitchen cabinets, office furniture and dining sets. It is an easy material to work with and it doesn’t not react much to moisture, which makes it suitable for use in the bathroom. Also, it is very strong and durable so it is well suited to kitchens.


Another sheet material to consider is Melamine. This is a product that is made with formaldehyde and it is used in a number of different settings including kitchens, bedrooms and other areas of the home. There are a number of different types of melamine faced boards and they are available in several different colours and woodgrains. You can find melamine sheet material that looks like dark walnut, trojan oak, maple, driftwood and other materials. It is also possible to find pre-glued melamine edging.


OSB stands for Oriented Strand Board and it is a type of board that is manufactured using resins of an exterior grade. It is environmentally sustainable, versatile and durable. It is starting to replace plywood for many construction projects due to it’s practical and reliable nature. It has excellent load bearing properties, an attractive wood patterned finish and superb stability. It can be used indoors or outdoors and it can also be used in humid environments.

Some of the ideal uses for this product include flooring, boarding, partitions, pitched roofs and timber frame construction.


Pineboard is another option for your building projects. It is a sheet material that is manufactured from whitewood and it is laminated for extra strength. You can paint it, varnish it or stain it to finish it. It is a great product for your DIY projects and it can also work well for shelving or furniture. It comes in a range of different thicknesses and is very versatile.


One of the most popular sheet materials out there, Plywood is ideal for exterior joinery projects. It can be used within the home as well and it can be painted. There are several different types of plywood in varying thickness, so you are sure to find something that will suit your needs.


This is a type of sheet material that is made from small chips of wood fused together. This can be sawmill shavings, wood chips or even sawdust – held together with a synthetic resin. It is denser, cheaper and more uniform than conventional plywood and wood.

Chipboard flooring has a lot of benefits – it is moisture resistant, it is tongued and grooved so it can be installed quickly and easily and it is smooth sanded so that it can be layered. You can also paint it or add a veneer to make the surface more attractive.


Another option for sheet materials, MDF is a multi-purpose fibreboard that is suitable for interior use. It is often used for a number of interior purposes, such as kitchen cabinets, panel mouldings, dining sets, fire surrounds and much more. It can be easily drilled and cut to a specific size and it is affordable and easy to work with. Also, MDF reacts mildly to moisture so it can be used in a bathroom or other high humidity environments.

This product is also very strong, so it is often used in kitchens. MDF is also fire resistant, so it is ideal for fire surrounds.

These are just a few of the many different options out there when it comes to common sheet materials available from your Timber Supplier in North Wales. There are many products available, so consider your needs, the scope of your project and your budget when you are planning to build or renovate.

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