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DIY Decor: Turning Games Into Decoration

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Board games hold a sentimental value for those that spent many childhood hours playing classics such as monopoly, scrabble or dominoes with friends and family. If your board game collection has seen better days or is no longer used, why not repurpose it to create beautiful decorations for the home or even handmade gifts for those you love? The following ideas require only a board game of your choice and a few simple craft items, and each activity is an ideal project to complete with children.

Select Your Favorite Board Game

Older board games from the 70s and 80s will give your creations a cool vintage appearance, but you can also use newer games. Check your attic or storage cupboards to see if you have any games you may have forgotten about, and you can also ask older relatives if they have any games they no longer want. Yard sales and thrift stores are also good places to pick up cheap games, or you can visit online retailers such as for a wide selection of different board games.

Home Décor

An old domino set can be transformed into a stylish clock using just a piece of wood and a clock making kit. Start by cutting a flat piece of driftwood or two by four into a square shape. Drill a small hole into the center of the wood, and attach the clock according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Glue twelve domino pieces around the clock face to form the numbers.

You can also create fun serving trays using old board games. Cut a piece of wood the same size as your chosen board game to form the base and a half inch wooden trim. Attach the trim to the base and paint or varnish the wood. Stick your board game to the tray using strong glue, and then attach handles to the side of the tray.

Personalized Gifts

Scrabble tiles can be used to personalize handmade items such as cards, photo frames and Christmas decorations. Use the tiles to spell out birthday greetings, Valentine’s Day messages or the names of friends and family, and then stick them onto the gift of your choice. Alternatively, you could create keyrings by drilling a small hole through the sides of the tiles and attaching them together using plastic wire to spell out the name of friends and family. You can purchase metal tension rings from craft stores to finish the keyrings.


Scrabble tiles, wooden dice, Lego and chess pieces can also be used to create your own jewelry. Drill small holes through different pieces using a Dremel, and then attach them to silver earring hooks or thread multiple pieces together with waxed cord to create a necklace.

For more ideas on how to repurpose old game boards, there are many different tutorials available online. Creating your own gifts and home decorations is a great way to exercise your creative skills and is far more economical than buying new items from a store. Friends and family will also be delighted to receive a handmade gift that you have created just for them.

Victoria Wallis is a creative Mom, whether redecorating the bathroom, making Christmas crafts with the kids or building the kids a tree house, she loves coming up with new ideas. Her articles appear mostly on parenting blogs.

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