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When considering aesthetic appeal to the outside of your home, siding is usually first to catch your eye. The undeniable mold growing all over seems to be your main focus now, when touching up a home for presentational purposes. Pair that with rot and water stains and you’ve found yourself in a predicament requiring more attention then previously noted.

Fortunately, I am going to discuss your options in regards to home siding replacement in Houston Tx, So that you can make a locally educated choice for further home improvements. Understanding the importance of siding will help you extend the life of your home siding, which is why I am going to briefly cover what to watch for in regards to to your sidings fundamental attributes.

What to Watch For

Siding is often the only thing standing between the outside weather and the insulation and drywall of your home. It is like the skin to our bodies, protecting our immune systems from harm. Home Siding intends to seal out moisture that could potential harm the homes structure, along with the people dwelling inside.


Warping, waves, and gaps are all signs of deterioration. When you can’t necessarily spot shifting spots in the siding of your home, there are other ways of noting changes in home siding structure. Can you spot the head of any nails? Or perhaps you’ve noticed some nails rusting away or completely missing ! These all indicate that your home siding needs attention in order to maintain its functionality.

Caulk and Seams

Another thing to monitor is the seaming. Caulk knowingly shrinks overtime. It can also crack and wear away under certain circumstances. Therefore, an almost seamless home siding is what you are looking for, otherwise the entire system oh your home siding is at stake.

Water Stains

Lastly, keep an eye out for any streaking. This could indicate that water is entering the siding and now affecting the interior portion of your home. When noting water stains/streaks–It is time to update your siding for your own quality and safety.

Home Siding Replacement Companies

Although there are some high-quality DIY resources, consider hiring a reputable home siding replacement company that specializes in proper installation, removal and repairs. Below I want to go over two Top rated home siding replacement Houston TX companies to suit your siding needs.

M & M roofing, siding, and windows

This company offers functionality through its duel purpose mission in providing high quality services through repairs and installation. Although they repair/instal more than just siding, their services are still refined and all similar in nature. So, ease you weary judgment, and consider giving M & M a chance when replacing home siding.

Save on Siding and Windows

Something about a family run business attracts consumers on a personal level that is hard to compete with. With that being said, Save on Sidings and Windows is run by local Houston Ludy family. This father Son team works together to provide services through integrity and customization that the local Houston consumer can trust.

Don’t Wait

In the end, regardless of who you choose to make repairs and/or How–Do not wait ! If moisture finds itself inside your home, this can create mold that literally thrives in dark spaces as such. Save yourself the mess and frustration by maintaining your home siding and by hiring a reputable choice in home siding repair. Good luck !

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