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Kit Homes: Spare Room Ideas You Never Knew You Needed

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Kit homes are known for having an extra room or two. Which is always an advantage because you always never know when you will need an extra room or two. Have a bit of trouble figuring out what to do to your spare rooms? Then below are some spare room ideas that you never knew you needed. They will make your kit home better and much more exciting and functional than before. Read on!

Napping spot

Who doesn’t love naps? After doing all those household chores and work, we all deserve a good napping spot to cure our stress and worries. An outdoor or balcony napping spot is perfect for sleeping or enjoying a good book.

Game room

It’s Friday night and guests are coming over. But you don’t have a room to make them feel excited and at home. A game room is the key to your guest related worries. Poker night has its own place now, and it’s a good one. A game table can take center stage, but a cozy lounge area is great for hanging out and other types of games. Have fun with the walls and the rest of the décor in the space. You don’t want the room to be overly formal—it’s a place for play, after all. Putting arcade games can also add fun and make the whole space more child friendly.

Home theatre

Take Netflix and chill to the whole level with an upgraded home theatre. Complete with a screen and luxury lounges, this entertainment area will level up your whole home. A comfy seating area, pillows, blankets, and a big enough screen for everyone to see is all you need. A home theater is a perfect option for small or oddly shaped rooms. Think of how much your kids will love a space like this! Add a mini fridge for the snacks and drinks when your favourite movie is up.

Home office

Are you a busy person who has to take your work home? Then you definitely need a home office. Home offices can also be used as a library or a place where you calculate bills or taxes. A place to keep your work and computer equipment corralled is the dream of many homeowners. From the paperwork of life to the last-minute work calls, a home office is a great use for any spare room. The transition should be fairly simple, too, with only the addition of a desk, chair, file cabinet, and bookcase, if necessary. This will be your oasis in case you need to do work.

Home gym

Being flab and fat is out. Being fit and fab is in. Begin your fitness journey by having your personal home gym. We all hate too crowded gyms with its smelly gym goers and often unclean equipment. With your own personal gym, you can have the privacy to do your workout at your own time and pace. Wood floors or gym mats are a good choice for heavy equipment. Add mirrors and a television in a corner for the real gym feeling. Fill it with the equipment that you need and you’re good to go.

Boutique closet

We all dream of having a walk in closet that will put the wardrobe in Narnia to shame. Feel like a superstar with your very own boutique closet. Install mirrors galore, tons of storage, sitting areas, and a vanity. The boutique closet pictured above has a three-way mirror—an ideal way to make sure you look good from all angles before you leave the house. Get ready for your close up with this amazing room!

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