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Looking To Replace Your Carpet? Repair It Instead!

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It is inevitable. At some point we all get to that frustrating moment where you realize you have a problem with your carpeting. Sometimes it’s a serious accident that results in a big stain, other times you find yourself catching your feet on exposed tack-strip. If you have pets it may be when your dog or cat has a little too much fun playing with the edges of the carpet. Your first inclination may be that it is time for new carpet. Even if you have deep pockets it is not fun to think about the expense. There is a solution though that can save you a lot of money, carpet repair.

Carpet Repair Solutions

There are several alternatives to full carpet replacement when your carpet just isn’t up to par anymore.These solutions can be performed at the fraction of the cost of full replacement. Some of the services provided by carpet repair professionals are:

  • Carpet Patching – Patches are often the best solution for a stain that won’t come out or when your dog has dug up some carpet. A professional can get this done with carpet remnant cut to fit the size of the damage and by using seam tape to fit the patch in nice and clean within the carpeted area.
  • Carpet Stretching–Wrinkles in your carpet?Your repair expert can stretch out a room or hallway nice and tight to get those stubborn ripples out.By using a power stretcher a carpet can be tightened so far that ripples will become scarce for up to 5 if not more than 5 years!
  • Seam Repair – Often times when new carpet is installed seams are used to fit the carpet all together across doorways, hallways and in large rooms. Over time a seam may began to separate.A professional helper can repair your seam, making it as invisible as it was when your carpet was freshly installed.
  • Transition Installation–Are you installing new flooring, by replacing a section of your carpet? You may need some assistance with the transition where the carpet meets the wood or tile. Many carpet repair technicians can offer assistance in this area.

The Savings

As some point you will probably want to replace your carpet, but repairing your carpet can extend the life span of your carpet for years to come.Depending on the extent of the damage you can save hundreds of dollars with carpet repair. A carpet stretch in an average size room will only cost you $50-$75. If you need a patch under a square foot can be had at $60-80. Repairing a doorway seam is just as affordable as your average size patch.These repairs are much easier on a pocket than an $800-1500 installation!

Many people are not aware that carpet repair was even an option. Now that you know share this information with your friends. No longer will you have to fear the giant expenses of a full carpet replacement. Find the right professional and you can save your carpet without breaking the bank.

This public service announcement was brought to you by Carpet Stretch and Rescue, carpet repair experts in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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