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Mixing Metals And Finishes In The Bathroom

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Porcelain and glass have long been the go-to in bathroom decor. The light colours and classic appeal that they offer make them a safe choice that will always be in style for these rooms. And while glass and porcelain will continue to be a staple in bathroom decor, metals have often been overlooked as a fun alternative. They can easily add a little bit of glamour while you brush and floss thanks to their shine and reflective properties.

How They Can be Incorporated

Going fully metallic in the bathroom is not for everyone. While some people can pull off a shiny metallic bathtub, it works for most of us just as a detail or accent. A good place to start is in different faucets, mirror frames and you can even look into candlesticks as decoration. For instance, a mirror with a brass frame above the sink will make the whole room feel more luxurious. Even replacing the handle knobs of the bathroom vanity cabinets will be a small unnoticed detail that can alter the entire feel of the room. It is these little things that will really let you take control of the look of your home and insert your own style and personality into the room.

Another fun idea is changing up the light fixtures. Using metals in this capacity will actually add to the overall lighting of the bathroom by reflecting it further. For instance, a small sterling silver chandelier would go well in an otherwise all white bathroom by adding a new dimension of the reflections and details in the light. The stark white room suddenly has more personality by receiving an intricate focal point.

The Metals

Mixing Metals And Finishes In The Bathroom

Sterling Silver

This is a metal that does well with cool pallets, like blues, greens, and even white. It is subtle and is ideal for details that are not intended to be the central focal point, while still adding a luxurious feel to the overall room. Keep in mind that this is in the higher price range and the metal tarnishes over time. Luckily removing the tarnish is easy and will last for a long time.


 Chrome is a great material to use in order to get the look of silver without the tarnishing. It shines easily and has a long lifespan.


Nickel is an inexpensive alternative to sterling silver that also goes well with cool colors. Nickel decor can be very masculine looking and works well with industrially styled rooms.


Bronze is a versatile metal that goes well with cool colours as well as warmer pallets like reds, oranges, and yellows. It is often used to spice up a rustic room because it adds a gleam to the woods and neutral tones.


Copper is a reddish hue that works well with warm colours. It is inexpensive and great as accent decor in your washroom.


Brass is a great inexpensive option for those who would like golden decor without the price tag. It warms the feel of any room it is in and would be a great option for a mirror frame or chandelier.

Mixing Metals

Mixing metals can be a daunting project to a lot of people, but it can be achieved with fantastic results. There are some rules to adhere to when doing this though. The first is that while it is okay to mix metals in one room, only do two. Three metals is to complicated to keep cohesive. The second rule is consistency amongst the mixing. For instance, all faucets within the room should be the same metal, while all lighting fixtures should also be matching. It will look too mismatched without this consistency. Finally, it is easier pair warm hued metals together, and cool toned metals together. If you feel confident you can pair a cool and a warm metal together to great effect but be sure to have a clear image in mind before doing so. A good way to do this would be to have all of the faucets in one tone like nickel faucets while having brass frames and light fixtures. This will tie the whole room together rather than having it feel like someone threw a bunch of random pieces into the room.

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