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Outdoor Fans – A New Fan In Town

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Nature lovers would completely agree with what Frank Lloyd Wright has to say about nature, “Study nature, love nature, and stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” The sky during dusk, the first sound of birds in the morning and a night studded with bright stars comprise of what one meant by bliss. But in urban spaces where one can enjoy the nature only from their rooftops, one needs enough space to be able to leisurely enjoy the scenic beauty.

Having a wide balcony or rooftop isn’t enough. Passion comes to fruition only when it is combined with pragmatism. Like a bird watcher always carries a binoculars and things to help her/him camouflage, even if you are sitting at your home, your space should have everything to be able to make your experience beautiful. Apart from enough material to eat, your balcony or in case your roof is covered, its ceiling should have the right kind of ceiling fan. Perplexed? There are majorly two kinds of fans: indoor fans and outdoor fans and each of them serves a definite purpose in a definite space. The article will explain what an outdoor ceiling fan is, its importance and options available in the market.

Outdoor Ceiling Fan, is that a thing?

Yes it is. Outdoor fans unlike indoor fans can withstand rain, storm and snow. But the kind of exterior elements the fan can withstand depends on the type of outdoor fan it is. An outdoor fan is of two types: Wet-rated and Damp-rated.

Wet-rated: A wet-rated fan can easily endure rain, storm and snow. The reason for this is its special wiring which prevents it to short and the special ABS plastic used to design the fan allows the ceiling fan to endure any kind of weather condition.

Damp-rated: Unlike Wet-rated outdoor fans that can be exposed to rain and snow, Damp-rated fans can only be installed in places that are a bit concealed. The interior wiring for a damp-rated fan is protected and a non-corrosive cover is used over the motor that makes it a perfect choice for humid weather. You can also install this fan in a laundry-room or a garage.

If you’re sitting on the roof, watching the sun setting, you won’t want to look up and see that mundane long blades of your fan. If one is customizing their roof or balcony making a garden on the rooftop or handing some flower pots on the grille, one should also accessorize it with appropriate design of ceiling fan. Over the years, from a ‘punkha’ and table fan to a ceiling fan, we have come a long way. Today, we have a lot of option available and Internet has made it easier for us to buy ceiling fans online.

Today, companies like Orient, Bajaj and Usha are coming with quirky designs to notch up the styling quotient of your balcony or roof’s ceiling space. Also, they are bringing out fans with leaf shaped blades, fans attached with lamps and fans with smaller and stylish blades. So, rejuvenate your experience as a nature observer through an outdoor ceiling fan.

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