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The Anatomy Of A Healthy Wall

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Building anything on your own can turn out to be quite funny if you are not skillful at bricklaying works. But in this article we want to show you how to really build a healthy and sturdy wall that will be able to stand even the most demanding challenges. We are going to discuss the building of a brick and mortar wall. 

Gather the tools and make a test

Before you start buying bricks and cement, you have to prepare all the tools necessary for the sole process of building. You will definitely need a masonry hammer, a mashing hammer, a blocking chisel (for cutting and chipping bricks) and, of course, a trowel. Don’t forget a level, too, if you want a straight wall. These are some basics. Also, you will need a mortar box in which you will mix the ingredients.

If you are not skillful at making walls, first try to make a small test-wall somewhere in the back yard. You can literally dig a hole for foundations next to a shed in your backyard and see what it is going to look like. If you see that you’re a natural brick layer, you can move to the next phase.

Foundation as the base

Us, amateur brick layers should not play with real house walls, since those things are a serious matter, which could have a very bad effect if not built completely in accordance with safety regulations. But we could play with a veneer wall, for instance. To achieve that, you have to start with a foundation.

  • First dig a hole in accordance with the pre-planned measures and make some mortar with the cement, sand and gravel that you have collected
  • Cast the mortar into the hole and you will get a fine foundation

After this step, you should wait for a couple of days and let the foundation stiffen. It has to be watered at least once a day, to keep it safe from cracking.

Veneer wall from your dreams

First measure the length of the bricks you have bought. Always make sure to leave some empty space between two bricks (about 3/8 inch). This is where mortar is placed. After you have finished the measuring, you can begin with the building process. When you have laid a few bricks, use a level to see if they are straight. You should measure both the horizontal and the vertical line. Then continue placing brick by brick, using a level all the time, to keep them even. It would be smart to use a thread to keep your brick work even, too. Just finish putting the bricks and making any necessary corrections along the way.

Add-ons for better efficiency

When you are building a wall, you can also take care of some additional features. For instance, a shed wall could be added some shelves and hooks on the inside, for tools and other things. On the other hand, a house or a veneer wall requires a more serious approach. Here the most important mission is to keep the warmth inside the place, which is why you should try to get free insulation and round off the works on your wall(s).

The first wall is the most difficult one to make. After a few of them, it will be much easier for you to show your building expertise. Maybe one day you even become a licensed bricklayer.

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