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Why Damp Proofing Is Necessary For Your Building?

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Rising damp is a matter of immense worry for the building owners and the people that reside or work in them. Excessive moist not only harms the building structures but is much dangerous for human health too. We come across many persons that suffer from serious diseases like cancer etc. It is the prominent concerns like damp proofing services in Essex that come to the help of the people by providing apt measures to safeguard them.

Following are the major reasons that require damp proofing of the buildings whether new or old:

  1. Damp weakens the building – Rising damp is much dangerous for the building structures that are harmed in a big way. Excessive moist weakens the foundations, walls, ceilings and roof tops. All of them become too weak and sometimes the entire structure needs to be demolished. Thus the owners of the buildings are harassed in a big way. Their entire labor for erecting the buildings goes waste just because of the moist.
  2. Plaster is destroyed – Damp harms the plaster that gets broken at many places. Many times the entire plaster has to be renovated. It is a great menace for the building owners and the dwellers. It may be noted that frequent plastering not only causes difficulties but also result in weakness of the area.
  3. Damage the paint – Nicely painted buildings start giving shabby looks because of the damp that destroys the paints. As such assistance from famous companies needs to be sought. These people help the needy persons in setting aright the damaged paints by repainting the same in apt manners.
  4. Physical problems – Moist not only harm the buildings but also the human physique. Those residing or working in dampened buildings often suffer from physical problems including serious diseases. Their health goes down considerably and they need to be treated or hospitalized that is a great problem for them.
  5. Pollution – Buildings affected with rising damp become harmful for the environment. It gets polluted because of the dampness that causes many problems. It is not only the owners or dwellers of the affected buildings that get affected but those staying nearby are also affected in adverse manners. Persons inhaling the polluted air are prone to many physical and mental problems that create lot havoc
  6. A menace for the society – Dampness is a great menace that harms the society. Those living in dampened buildings fall victim to problems including health issues including some communicative diseases. Their friends, relatives and other known people may also be affected with such health problems when they come into their contact. Thus the society is at a great risk because of dampness.
  7. Financial burden – Rising damp puts the building owners to heavy financial losses. They have to carry out frequent repairs to the buildings that causes financial burden upon them. Thus dampness causes crisis for the building owners as far as their finances are concerned.

The above major ill effects of damp necessitate damp proofing for which many concerns including damp proofing services in Essex help the needy persons.

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