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Woodburner Or Multi Fuel Stove?

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The majority of people will know just how beneficial owning a stove can be. Yet fewer people will know which type of stove is going to be best for them or even what the difference is between certain types of stove.

The two most common types will be the woodburner and the multi fuel stove, and whilst it may well be possible to work out the main difference between them by their name alone, the differences between the two in practice may be harder to understand.

Multi fuel stoves, as the name suggests, can burn a variety of different fuels. This will make it far easier to source cheap or even free forms of fuel for a stove and will ensure that a dearth of one resource doesn’t mean that the stove becomes completely inoperable.

Woodburners on the other hand will only burn wood. Yet, again, this may seem obvious, but the benefits are not quite so patent. Multi fuel options will need to be de-ashed regularly whilst a woodburner may not require quite the same maintenance. Furthermore, the latter will also be a very environmentally sound option, being seen as carbon neutral in many people’s eyes.

Ultimately, both types will offer very similar heat output, and therefore the choice will simply be a matter of logistics. For those with access to plenty of wood, the choice is a no brainer, but for those who wish to have the flexibility to buy whichever fuel is cheapest from any given supplier, a multi fuel stove may well be the best bet.

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