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4 Dimensions To Add More Space To Your Small Bedroom

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Do you know that there are some bird species out there, which take weeks and weeks in preparing and beautifying their nests? Well, of all other things, it means one thing for sure; it is quite natural for all living beings, let alone humans, to adorn the places of their living. All the advances in accessioning home interiors spur from this natural urge to add comfort and beauty to the place where you live. However, not everyone is up to the task, especially when it comes to bring the best out of a small place. But this also doesn’t mean that you cannot contribute personally for the betterment and beautification of your home. So, we are here with these 4 Dimensions to Add More Space to Your Small Bedroom

1          Colours

With only a small space to furnish and decorate, the margin of errors is really slashed. You have to make absolutely right decisions to make things work out the best. That is why it is so important to choose wisely the colours and hues that you want to use in your small bedroom. Dark hues have an overwhelming feeling carried within them, which is something you don’t need within the confines of your small bedroom. Instead, choose lighter hues, as they incorporate openness in a place, which is something direly needed in a small place.

2          Storage space

Another very important aspect that you should keep in mind while decorating your small sized bedroom is the provision of ample storage space. Living a cultured lifestyle is not possible without the need of storage areas in any room, let alone the bedroom, where one usually spends most of their time when home. So, choose furniture items that can serve you for storage needs in addition to furnishing needs, for example leather beds by HomeArena with storage. Not only they serve you as a striking focal point in your bedroom, but they are really efficient in serving your storage needs with different types of storage mechanisms.

3          Drapery and bed linens

Drapery and bed linens serve as icing on the cake, just like garnishing for meal. Like paint colours, drapery should also be in lighter hues, so that it doesn’t end up overwhelming the ambiance of the room. Same is the case with bed linens, lighter ones work best when bedroom is smaller.

4          Lighting

Lighting is another area that is of prime importance in determining the final outlook of a room, but gets the least importance somehow. However, you cannot afford any negligence in this domain when you want to take care of your small bedroom space. Make sure you allow plenty of sunlight to penetrate through window(s) and choose appropriate kind of lighting fixtures. Do not go for lamps with chunkier stands; choose smart ones, preferably the ones that can be mounted on walls, so that floor space can be saved.


No amount of space can help you decorate your bedroom if you are not willing to put up the effort and time. Similarly, your creativity and passion to decorate your place cannot be challenged with scarcity of space. With the right kind of aptitude and guidance, you can do it quite aptly in the end even if you have never designed before.

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