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Top Tips For Creating The Ideal Bedroom Layout

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When it comes to bedrooms, they are no longer just that place where you go to sleep. Your bedroom can now be your sanctuary, a place to be alone away from the world, a place to try on new clothes, relax and store your belongings. So when it comes to kitting out your bedroom, you want to make sure that you get it right.

Everyone is an interior designer in their own minds, with differing opinions about what works best and how the ideal layout of each room should be. However, here are some ideas if you need a helping hand.

Consider the space for your bed

Although it’s true that a bedroom is now more than just a place to sleep, the bed is still very much the focal point of the space. As such, it should fit into the room nicely; while looking imposing and luxurious, you also do not want it completely taking over completely.

Even if you find yourself limited on space, pushing it up against a wall is a definite no-no. This causes massive problems if you are a couple and is highly impractical. As a guide you should have at least 75 cm either side of the bed before a wall or your cupboards. If you are struggling, you may just need to settle for a smaller bed size.

Think about your storage options

Really you have a couple of options when it comes to the storage in your bedroom. You can either decide on fitted or unfitted furniture, both of which have the positives and negatives. With fitted furniture, you have the opportunity to maximise the space you have in your room, such as any awkward gaps in the walls, and also use the entire height of the wall. On the downside, these more bespoke options often have to be designed with your specs in mind so can be much more expensive.

With unfitted furniture solutions, there are more options available when it comes to finding things like your chest of drawers, wardrobes and cupboards. This means they will be cheaper if you are looking to get your bedroom storage solutions quicker. They do however leave a lot of wasted space, especially above them where the walls are not being used.

What additional features could you use?

The finishing touches can really turn a good bedroom into a great one, especially where they can increase the practicality and functionality of the room to make your life easier. A good one which many people consider is sliding wardrobe doors – the fact that these do not open out into the room means that you can use more of the space available to you. This means you can leave your bed closer to them for example, as there is nothing to get in the way of them opening.

Another feature which people like to use is mirrored doors on the wardrobe, particularly if it’s one that reaches the full length of the wall. These instantly make a room feel bigger and lighter and more enjoyable to spend time in.

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