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Making the Most of Space in a Smaller Bathroom

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Many bathrooms are necessarily small. In fact, most bathrooms are considerably smaller than the other rooms in the home. This is because whilst they obviously perform a very important function, they aren’t exactly spaces which you’re likely to inhabit more than a few minutes a day.

In terms of interior design, the relatively small proportions of bathroom areas can be a bit of a problem. How do you ensure the space is aesthetically pleasing without undermining the space, in terms of functionality?

There are actually lots of solutions. One is to use wall space. The walls obviously don’t occupy floor space, so through decorating wall space you can dramatically improve the aesthetic of a bathroom without affecting space.

It is common to introduce tiles into bathroom areas. Contemporary bathroom tiles or luxury bathroom tiles can transform bathroom spaces into something much more sophisticated, modern or even decedent.

When attempting to create modern spaces in particular it is a good idea to adopt a minimalist approach. Bathrooms lend themselves very well to the modern aesthetic, partly because they are ostensibly very utilitarian areas. The old idiom less is more, then, applies, and you should do all you can to eliminate clutter.

Finally, it is possible to introduce the illusion of space; i.e. you can use mirrors and lighting to make your room look a little more open, brighter and more expansive.

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