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Sisal Rugs Will Live Up To Your Checklist!

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Are you looking for an exclusive piece for the purpose of home décor? If so, then don’t limit yourself to vases, wall hangings and another decoration piece! Widen your search and you will discern that rugs also play a vital role in decorating a home or an office or other areas for that matter. You can furnish your area with 100% natural or blend of natural and artificial fiber woven rugs. Beautify the floors either with 100% wool, coir, sisal, jute or seagrass floor coverings or mix them with other fibers to enhance the look of the interior.

Sisal fibers make a perfect choice for turning them into a rug. They are affordable, natural and a go-to-go for every type of home décor. Sisal rugs are widely available in the market and most common choice of people because of its durability. Due to the place, it has found in people’s home, companies have gone an extra mile and now they buy sisal of a certain quality which is superior to what they used to buy earlier. Like other fibers, sisal has its own pros and cons.

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Play with colors

Available in various designs, shades, shape, size and color, you are bound to find a piece which will suit your place and pocket. Their natural color is brownish and it goes perfectly with the furniture alluring your home’s living area. Apart from this, sisal fibers are extracted in green, tweed, cream, red, ebony, caramel, coffee, honey, sienna, etc. The color varies with the place where it is grown. Irrespective of the place where it is grown, sisal is attractive and striking. Moreover, if you are not happy with its natural color, it can easily be dyed in bold, vibrant and neutral colors.

They are full of features

Sisal is an environment-friendly and dust resistant fiber, which makes them suitable for areas with heavy traffic. Also, they are fire and water resistant. This exclusive home décor piece is sound proof, long-lasting and possesses other insulating properties. It is no less than a surprise that you get all these features easily in the market and that too at an economical rate. Unlike jute rug, it is easy to clean and maintain a sisal rug. Sisal is a coarse fiber and therefore, usually, wool or acrylic is mixed with sisal to make a softer rug or carpet. Due to its strength, interior decorators and professional architects favours it over jute, coir, hemp and flax.

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Sisal rugs are an all rounder

Sisal has another surprise for you; it can expand and contract as per the weather conditions. When one talk about floor covering, sisal rugs seems to be an all rounder for it can be laid anywhere from home to office, bedroom room to conference room, living room to the hallway. In the case of these rugs, it depends on where it comes because the culture of that place will be evident from the style and design of the rug. You can choose from Panama rugs, classic Tanzania or Mozambique sisal rugs, Milan rugs to name a few and in each of them, you will be able to feel the culture.

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