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St. Louis Corporate Housing Strengthens The Local Community

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St. Louis Corporate Housing operates in a field dominated heavily by nation-wide chains that charge up twice as much as their rates, yet offer an inferior product. St. Louis Corporate Housing is truly local and pays attention to the details that make temporary housing truly comfortable to offer the best possible accommodations.

Beyond their “Corporate Housing” name, St. Louis Corporate Housing works just as hard to make life easier for those in need of extended stays to be closer to family, transition to a new living situation or get out of their home while major remodeling projects are completed. Their high end service focuses on making a time of temporary residence not feel like leaving home, and has earned them a 5 out of 5 star review average on Yelp.

St. Louis Corporate Housing only hires employees that are from the area. They are able to help guests become familiarized with the community of temporary residence more quickly, and make them aware of upcoming events. They provide incite on the best places nearby for food and entertainment, instead of a guest relying on national chains that don’t represent the community. They have housing options in almost every one of the 15 counties that make up the greater St. Louis area between Missouri and Illinois.

This greater metro area lies near the border of Missouri and Illinois. It is comprised of 15 counties that are home to 2.8 million people. The area has seen a great deal of positive business development from major corporations like Express Scripts, Monsanto, Charter, Emerson and Boeing. This has helped boost the median income above the national average to roughly $59,000 and keep their unemployment rate below the national average.

St. Louis Corporate Housing shines just as brightly looking inside their housing units. Each one is stocked with everything to make it feel like home. Kitchens have everything from a vegetable peeler to a wine-opener. Bathrooms come with the basic necessities. Master Bedrooms come standard with Queen beds, but can be upgraded upon request, and living rooms all have a 40” TV. Depending on the location lifestyle options like patios, pools, spas, exercise facilities, and accommodations for private parking or valet dry cleaning are available.

Leases are commonly 3, 6 or 9 months, with prices as low as $75/day for a 3 month lease. Shorter leases, pet or infant friendly additions, or other luxury upgrades are available through the company. Standard amenities are provided as part of one monthly bill and include water, gas, electric, trash, recycling and any fees or permits needed in the community their building is in.

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